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Sentimental possessions and heirlooms are often impacted during an emergent event. Our most valuable belongings are most likely kept in our homes or workplaces.

WINMAR® offers specialized, on-site cleaning with specially designed equipment, operated by trained technicians to restore and rejuvenate soft and hard-line goods to pre-loss condition. Our process determines which items can be restored through our multi-step process, thereby returning your treasured items and avoiding a replacement expense or disposal.

Contents are items beyond the building structure and may include: clothing, furniture, kitchenware, tools, jewelry, sports equipment and electronics. Trust WINMAR® with your beloved belongings and with the peace of mind that our skilled teams will ensure your items are safe, protected and restored.

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Soft Goods Cleaning Systems

Soft goods such as clothing, children’s toys, linens, draperies, luggage, sporting goods, and camping equipment are cleaned with a specialized Cleaning System. This system removes contaminants, kills bacteria and minimizes the impact on colour fastness and wear-life while optimizing brightness retention. Independent laboratory testing has shown that soft content Cleaning Systems restore over 90% of soft goods while traditional dry cleaning methods restore less than 40%.

Hard Goods Cleaning Systems

Hard goods including dishes, kitchen appliances, lamps, vacuum cleaners and hand tools are carefully cleaned using ultrasonic technology. Our technicians have extensive training in recognizing salvageable contents, operating the equipment, and providing care in restoring belongings. With hard content cleaning specialized equipment, WINMAR® is capable of restoring your possessions to pre-loss condition, free from contaminants, in a cost-effective and environmentally friendly manner.

Electronics such as computers and televisions can be restored using our specialized cleaning equipment. The application of de-ionized water and cleaning solutions protects the integrity of the contents, while removing contaminants and odour.

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Whether it’s restoration, constructing new builds, general contracting or anything in between our licensed and insured professionals are ready to take on your next project. Our motto is simple: We treat each customer’s damages as if it were our own, applying the same standards of quality workmanship that we would expect ourselves. For any size project, you can trust the professionals at WINMAR®.

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